Argentina Beef Loaf


Argentina Beef Loaf is the no. 1 beef loaf in the country. It’s siksik with quality meat and seasoned with select spices. Each slice, buong-buo! … And because it is Halal-certified and adheres to the rules of the Islamic Council, every Filipino family from all regions will surely be busog-sarap with Argentina Beef Loaf!

Argentina, the number one brand in the canned meat market provides Filipino families with delicious and healthy products to enjoy. It has been in the market since 1995 and continues to delight the entire family with products that fit their lifestyles – moms enjoy cooking Argentina Corned Beef, dads prefer Argentina Sisig for pulutan, kuya and ate love to share Argentina Beef Loaf with their barkada and the young ones are delighted with Argentina Meat Loaf. Argentina always satisfies the needs of the family.

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