CloseUp Spicy Fresh Toothpaste 66g


Bad breath odor can get in the way of your daily activities, prompting you to find ways to eliminate bad breath. But a regular toothpaste isn’t enough to make your breath smell good all day long. Closeup Red Hot Toothpaste is the treatment for bad breath you need because it gets rid of bad breath odor to help you get fresh breath. It’s not enough to just know the causes of bad breath, but you also need to have the cure for bad breath—a toothpaste that has mouthwash for bad breath.

Get that and extreme freshness of up to 12 hours with closeup Red Hot Toothpaste—the solution for bad breath. Made with a breakthrough formula of a red gel toothpaste and anti-bacterial mouthwash, closeup is the bad breath cure that treats bad breath by killing 99% of germs that cause breath odor, giving you up to a full day’s worth of fresh breath for the confidence to get close. It also has Microshine Crystals that naturally whiten teeth by removing yellow film after every brush. Closeup Red Hot Toothpaste can also whiten teeth naturally because it is a natural teeth whitening toothpaste.

Finding natural ways to whiten teeth and remedies for fresh breath has never been this easy. So for bad breath treatment, choose the toothpaste for bad breath, closeup Red Hot.

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