Joy dishwashing Liquid Kalamansi


Joy Antibac with Power Of Safeguard Dishwashing Liquid Bottle
Joy Antibac, with the Power of Safeguard Dishwashing liquid cut tough grease and prevent germs effectively in one wash; leaving your restaurant dishes squeaky-clean, free from food odor and germ prevention on washing sponge; maintaining the best standard with every wash.

From the World’s Number 1 Dish Care Company, Joy is the innovative dishwashing liquid that uses superior technology to make dishwashing a delight for you.
•Prevents Germs on Sponge – Joy Antibac has the Power of Safeguard that helps give 99.9% germ protection for the sponge
•Strong Grease Removal – Concentrated Dish Wash that has superior grease cutting power*
•Great Value – A P10 sachet can last up to two weeks*

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Joy dishwashing Liquid Kalamansi 495 ML


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