LIGO Sardines


65 Years of Quality

Ligo is more than just a brand of canned food. Through the years, it has provided not just sustenance but brought families and friends together. From the mother who carefully prepares her child’s baon, to the wife who prepares a warm meal for her husband after a long day, Ligo has been an expression of love. It’s comfort food at its best. It brings smiles to faces and fills the heart and tummy with joy.
This is why Ligo is Love.
Our slogan “Ligo Love” is the very foundation of our company. Being a family-owned business, love has always been our driving force and inspiration to create great-tasting food and nurture a lasting brand. It is the same love that we share with our stakeholders: our own families, employees, and most importantly, our consumers. Ligo is a brand that has operated with love, and as such, it is made with love.

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