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In choosing a bath soap, the factor that most Indonesian women are interested in is the need for a bath soap that maintains skin moisture and a soap with a luxurious and long-lasting fine fragrance.

Giv Perfumed Beauty Soap is here to answer the needs and desires of these Indonesian women.

Giv Perfumed Beauty Soap comes with:

  • Shea Butter is a fat extracted from the nuts of the Shea tree in Africa that has been used since ancient times to protect the skin from the sun and its advantages over other moisturizers are that it is easily absorbed by the skin and retains water in the skin.
  • Vitamin E which functions as an antioxidant to prevent damage to skin tissue by free radicals
  • Fine Fragrance is a long-lasting and characterful luxury perfume fragrance

Giv Perfumed Beauty Soap body wash and bar soap are available in 4 variants:

  • Damask Rose & Cherry Blossom (Pink)
  • White Flowers & Vanilla (White)
  • Passion Flower & Sweet Berry (Purple)
  • Water Lily & Chamomile (Blue)

There is also a Giv Perfumed Beauty Soap (bar) with Green Tea & Almond Oil variants

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Beauty Soap with Fine Fragrance. 76g

Calming with Grape Seed Oil & Orchid.


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