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Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste

We believe that brushing time should be a HAPEE time for our kids. Hapee Kiddie aims to protect your kid’s teeth during their formative years.Our kids are susceptible to tooth decay at such a young age, but how does tooth decay happen? When our kids eat or drink sugary food, the sugary substances combine with the bacteria inside the mouth forming sugar acid. The sugar acid attacks the enamel of the tooth and causes the enamel to erode, leading to tooth decay. This leaves an uncomfortable pain to our kid’s teeth and gums.


  • Don’t worry HAPEE Mommies, we can fight sugar acid attacks and tooth decay! HAPEE KIDDIE has SUGAR ACID DEFENSE system and 1,000 PPM fluoride level recommended by dentists to protect your kid’s teeth from cavities and tooth decay!
  • Hapee Kiddie toothpaste comes with your kid’s favorite Disney Mickey and Friends toothpaste in 5 KIDciting flavors: Strawberry Bloom, Tutti Frutti Twist, Juicy Grapes, Orange Squeeze, and Apple Crunch available in 50mL tubes.
  • Brush time is more magical with their favorite Disney Frozen toothpaste in Bubblegum Pop, Orange Squeeze, Strawberry Bloom, and Tutti Frutti Twist available in 40g tubes.
  • Make brush time, HAPEE time, Hapee Moms!
    Brush with Hapee Kiddie Anti-Cavity Toothpaste!

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Kids toothpaste 62g

Flavor: Orange Squeeze


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