Stik-O Chocolate wafer stick


ECCO FOOD CORPORATION was registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission since 1991, with the primary purpose of manufacturing, distribution, exportation and importation as well as packaging of commodities distributed to several marketing outlets nationwide. The marketing capability and know how, distribution system of products are continuously upgrade; product lines are continuously improved to make ECCO FOOD CORPORATION stay competitive in the market all the time. ECCO FOOD CORPORATION has an expanded product line that includes snack foods, noodles, confectionaries and the like. ECCO FOOD CORPORATION was also the manufacturer, wholesaler and exporters of quality food products. OUR BRANDS STIK-O WAFER STICKS CHOC-KO WAFER STICK WHITE COW WAFER STICK CHOKO-CHOKO CHOCOLATE STICK BABY CHOKO CHOKO HALO-HALO MILK STICK STIK-O CHOCO CRUNCHEE JELLY STIX

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850g. Chocolate Flavor


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