MOBY Caramel Puffs 90g


Whether you munch it or simply let it melt in your mouth, you just can’t get enough of Moby. No hulls, no hard kernels and no preservatives but with lots and lots of creamy flavors to please everybody’s taste buds.


Our story

For almost 40 years now, the NutriSnack Group of Companies has been one of the country’s major players in the snack food industry.  Moby, PeeWee, Tomi and Loaded are just some of the brands introduced by the companies that soared rapidly into the hearts of snack lovers and easily became among the popular favorites in the market.

Nutritive Snack Food Corporation has been producing the finest quality and most innovative funsnacks for the discriminating Filipino market since 1981. By the early ‘90s, the company extended its snack line-up and formed Stateline Snack Food Corporation to primarily cater to consumers’ preference for corn-based and potato-based chips.

This was immediately followed by the company’s entry into the confectionery market. To date, NutriSnack Group of Companies has more than 20 varieties of best-tasting snack foods and chocolate products. In recent years, the company has further diversified to include ready-to-drink in its product portfolio.

A network of well-established distributors exclusively sells all products of NutriSnack Group of Companies nationwide. Company volumes are generated from an extensive range of distribution channels – from the smallest retailers to the largest wholesalers – which are continually enhanced to further improve and widen the coverage.

The company’s major thrust centers on providing the best value for all its products while never sacrificing quality.

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MOBY Caramel Puffs 90g (3.17 oz). Fortified approved by Department of Health.


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